Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catching up on 2015

What a year it was. Working on my Professional Doctorate meant that time slipped out of my fingers, when it came to updating this blog.

I had 4 wonderful terms at Sussex Neighbourhood House with Kids Create in 2015. But, as the year came to a close I realised my need to spend time on my Doctorate. For 2016 the group is now in the hands of the gorgeous Melodie Radatti. Melodie is supported by Ana Elicegui, equally as wonderful. Both are students at Miecat, so I feel both confident and proud that the group will become what it needs to, whilst maintaining the intention of the group - to nurture creativity.

A massive thank you to all the young creatives and their families who have supported my programs over the years. I have always been touched by the generosity of spirit and encouragement offered. What a community! A big thank you also to those who donated materials, what excitement when we would open bags and creatively explore what was given.

Lastly - but not least - thank you to Sussex Neighbourhood House. To Sue Harris, my first House Manager, for believing and trusting in me from day one, with the mixed media group, through to children's groups. Next followed Suzanne Phoenix  (House Manager) - what fun we had developing creative ideas, events, exhibitions, workshops. Suzanne's passion for the arts matched mine perfectly - thanks for the creative companionship and wonderful opportunities! To Leigh Cook and Alex Fletcher-Hoerner you guys kept everything ticking along and again were always supportive and encouraging - thank you. To all my volunteer assistants - thank you for your time, openness and willingness to go with the emergence.

Better get back to the Doctorate now, I can hear it calling.

In gratitude
Amanda x

(Aka Little Sparrow)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Term 1 stories

Term 1, 2015, at Kids Create focused on the topic 'STORY'.

We started with free painting to music. As the artists put paint to paper, Noah and I responded to their marks and actions through beats and chords.

Words and images from magazines were then added. Stories started to form.
These works (or parts of) became potential inspiration for projects that were to follow. 

The 'map' for a video game.

Part of this work was about the artist's dog. 
Her project became all about, and for, her pup. 

In the weeks that followed:

Outfits were created for Brittany. 

A new little world was formed.  

A dog friendly outfit made.

Artistic collaborations established. 
Outfits were designed for Katie, for the up-and-coming fashion show. 
The dressing room was also designed, along with the red-carpet runway.  

The video game comes to life. 

Different techniques and materials were explored.

In between projects:
Harmony Day art was created for the Neighbourhood House. 

We happily welcomed our new volunteer Melodie.
(Sorry about the photo Mel we'll get a better one next term)

And we sadly farewelled Noah. 

But, with the good news that Noah would return for our final session. 

Projects were presented to family on our second last day:

I was very proud of all the artists, they well and truly deserved all the applause they received. 

Our last day looked back on the term:

We each selected an important moment from during the term. It was represented in a quick drawing and the story then told to the group. As the story was told we all noted down words that stood out to us. These lists were given to each artist, after having been read out. 

We then took our words into song, music and a bit of dance.

Thanks Turquoise Whale for capturing it on film. 

We ended with a few tasty food treats and an arts-making treat in the form of outside chalk drawing - inspired by our stories, of course. Next term's topic was also discussed. 'GAMES' was settled on, so we will see what projects emerge in the coming weeks...

A big thank you to Noah for all his time spent with us. We wish you all the best with your studies!

Term 2 for Kids Create, at Sussex Neighbourhood House, begins on the 25th April.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Special Christmas message from Kids Create


Miss Maker, Kopyright, Mini Magpie, Pickuttue, Colourful Fabric, Queen Sparkles, Flowering Wool spent a busy last day of term (6th Dec), at Kids Create, finishing off projects.

Painting the salt dough snake.

Completing our collaborative Santa.

Creating a large creative piece. 

All salt dough pieces painted.

Christmas decoration - tested on a living 'christmas tree' model. 

Working on a template for a new book art piece. 

Along with Em-the-awesome, Mista Beat and myself, Little Sparrow, we all needed to focus and work efficiently, so we had time to make snow! 

Yes, snow, in Melbourne in December!!

We had a lot of fun mixing up bicarb and conditioner, to a snow-like consistancy. As we mixed we talked about our snow experiences. Some had never seen real snow, others had gone with family to the mountains to see it. I told of growing up in a town where it snowed in winter and school was sometimes cancelled (because the snow was too heavy).

Once the snow was formed we went about creating our Christmas scene, incorporating the snow and 3D objects from the materials box. After a bit of discussion it started to take form, beginning with a Christmas tree.

We had a melting snowman...

Some presents...

A snow sled and it's owner, skilfully crafted out of cups. 

Sled marks were left in the snow.

alongside footprints. 

Our Santa turned elf was added.

And we all wish you a very

and a safe and happy New Year.

See you in 2015!

Once again a very big thank you to my wonderful volunteers. 
THANK YOU to Noah who has been an absolute delight to work alongside all year, to Em who returned to us after her exams had finished, and to Kerry-Anne who joined us for a few weeks. You have each added so much to the young artist's experiences and to the energy of the group. 
We are so very grateful!