Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Groups starting soon for 2011

Creative Kids and Sustainable Creativity groups are now open for enrollment at Sussex Neighbourhood House. Please call the House for enrollment details or contact me if you have any queries about the details of the classes.

Mixed Media is 'full-up', I am told, within the first few hours! I look forward to seeing the group in a few weeks.

I am busily finishing off the easels (with a bit of sanding to go) and exploring seasonal dyes and old-fashioned methods of 'extracting' the colour. Plums from my tree in the backyard have produced a fantastic pink!

Hope to see you this term.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Easels made!

With a bit of help from a friend we created 6 double-sided artist easels for the Creative Kids workshop out of recycled timber, courtesy of my neighbours who are currently renovating their house. The timber includes weather boards and flooring off-cuts. Sadly the screws, hinges and robe were purchased new. With a little more time I'm sure these could be found at a second-hand shop. None-the-less I am very proud of these recycled pieces – locally sourced and created.

The boards are measured up.

The discarded pieces have been saved.
With a coating of gesso these can become a 'canvas' or surface for painting on.

One-by-one they start to take shape.

Thanks Matt for your skills and support in building these – it is greatly appreciated