Sunday, February 27, 2011


Last week in Creative Kids one of the girls showed us briefly how to make a 'chatterbox' – what a great 'space' for holding 'things about me'. So although it was not a 'normal chatterbox' they were ours.

Two of the girls showed us how to fold the large sheet of paper. Postcards and magazines provided a start to find 'things about me', which included activities liked through to family and images which reminded them of self.

Once complete the chatterboxes were shared with the group, for those that wanted to. I became so involved in the event that I completely forgot to take any photos. Once I remembered all had headed home, except one. Thanks for sharing yours 'R'.

The eyes are like hers, although they actually look angry when she looks at them now.

A phone and perfume, for a busy lady.

Family – Mum, Dad, Me and Brothers.

Seed pods to flowers

With Lynley 'in recovery' Mixed Media was fortunate to have the lovely Marita work with us.
We began as seeds in the ground, slowly growing and then with 'thundering weather' (and sounds) the  'seed puffs' began to float.

With gentle, floating music, accompanying instrumentals and flowing fabric the 'puffs' moved...

Around the room

  Once settled we painted our experiences – what you remembered, what you saw, what you felt.

To close we went back to being seeds, quietly back into the ground, resting.

Thanks Marita, it was a lovely evening, we look forward to seeing you in March again.
Lynley we hope you are nice and rested – the group will be so excited to see you next week and are 'bursting at the seams' to tell you what they have done while you've been away :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creative Kids and the Wild Swans

Week 3 and 'the kids' loosened up their drawing arms and minds with a 'scribble drawing'. Filling in the scribble spaces with colour and chatting about school. We also welcomed Rose to the group. Warm-up aside I sat back to read a story, whilst the girls drew. With large sheets of paper, coloured pencils and crayons they were invited to drew whatever they liked, while I read aloud the Hans Cristian Anderson tale, the Wild Swans.

There were tall trees (with a nest), with swirling stars and a rainbow.

The family dog drawn with the loop-sided ear, just like when he hears something.

There were drawings inspired by the story of Elisa, the queen, the swans and lilypads
 – of home sweet home. 

Then into the cave, the setting sun and the berries.
The Artist's finished off their drawings as the story came to a close. The queen and her maid needed a little more work, before this piece was complete.
The drawings were then shared with the group. Some drawings had stories made up by others in the group – confirmed or adjusted by the artist. Not only did we have some talented artists but story tellers too. 

Thanks to Kosdown Print for the 'make-ready sheets' (1 sided prints used in the testing process of commercial print), the blank reverse side was a lovely large area for drawing on.

What do we love?

Only one evening past Valentines Day and the Sussex Neighbourhood House Mixed Media class used 'love' as the theme for the evening class.

First 'things you love' were drawn or written in creative journals. Then the group were invited to find things they loved in the selection of free cafe postcards, to create 1 'postcard of love'.

A red heart was stuck on the back of each with words to describe.

Some main 'love' themes included: dancing, social things, people, art class, Friday Friends (social group), coffee, music, movies, dogs and flowers.

To close the group shared their postcards and 'keywords' of what they loved, with others – it was very exciting!

Many thanks to my neighbour for the beautiful fresh flowers, well it was the Tuesday after the 'v' day after all.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creative Kids Week 2

This week the group arrived to find their creative journals completed. They did a great job of covering the front and back covers in fabric and decorating their 'first page' with their names, last week. All I needed to do was hole punch and tie together.

Turning the pages they also found a mandala 'template' stuck on the second page of their journals. 'Mandala' means circle. Colouring in the patterns or making your own shapes within an outer circle , can be very relaxing. We enjoyed colouring these in, with coloured pencils, and (whilst colouring) were able to chat about 'stuff' that happened during week. The girls found selecting the colours for each part of the pattern very important, even working together to discuss selections, if they were unsure.

From paper we moved to the sand. I had pre-coloured some sand with a couple of drops of food colouring.

With the start of a mandala already drawn up, the group discussed how they were going to 'fill-it'. Each section was discussed, with a vote made on some areas.

It was a delicate process, that required concentration and consideration of other artist's .
We added to the outer shape – 3 petals each were drawn, then filled.
Our completed sand mandala. 
To finish we mixed the sand together and as discovered by the girls, we let the sand run through our fingers and cupped hands. A lovely tactile finish to the morning.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Casual classes

Creative Kids now also offers the option of 'casual classes', meaning a child can attend 1 class at a time rather than signing up for the term. Although the 'term' is more economical 'casual' provides an opportunity for children to try a class, to see if it is their thing, or could be a good option if a few Saturdays are busy and others there is a 'free space'.

Please contact me by midday of the Friday before the class to register your child. This ensures I have the correct art-making materials for all. Ph 0404 617 362 or email

Prices for casual classes are: $12.50 concession and $16.50 full (paid on the day)