Sunday, February 27, 2011


Last week in Creative Kids one of the girls showed us briefly how to make a 'chatterbox' – what a great 'space' for holding 'things about me'. So although it was not a 'normal chatterbox' they were ours.

Two of the girls showed us how to fold the large sheet of paper. Postcards and magazines provided a start to find 'things about me', which included activities liked through to family and images which reminded them of self.

Once complete the chatterboxes were shared with the group, for those that wanted to. I became so involved in the event that I completely forgot to take any photos. Once I remembered all had headed home, except one. Thanks for sharing yours 'R'.

The eyes are like hers, although they actually look angry when she looks at them now.

A phone and perfume, for a busy lady.

Family – Mum, Dad, Me and Brothers.

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