Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creative Kids and the Wild Swans

Week 3 and 'the kids' loosened up their drawing arms and minds with a 'scribble drawing'. Filling in the scribble spaces with colour and chatting about school. We also welcomed Rose to the group. Warm-up aside I sat back to read a story, whilst the girls drew. With large sheets of paper, coloured pencils and crayons they were invited to drew whatever they liked, while I read aloud the Hans Cristian Anderson tale, the Wild Swans.

There were tall trees (with a nest), with swirling stars and a rainbow.

The family dog drawn with the loop-sided ear, just like when he hears something.

There were drawings inspired by the story of Elisa, the queen, the swans and lilypads
 – of home sweet home. 

Then into the cave, the setting sun and the berries.
The Artist's finished off their drawings as the story came to a close. The queen and her maid needed a little more work, before this piece was complete.
The drawings were then shared with the group. Some drawings had stories made up by others in the group – confirmed or adjusted by the artist. Not only did we have some talented artists but story tellers too. 

Thanks to Kosdown Print for the 'make-ready sheets' (1 sided prints used in the testing process of commercial print), the blank reverse side was a lovely large area for drawing on.

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