Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creative Kids Week 2

This week the group arrived to find their creative journals completed. They did a great job of covering the front and back covers in fabric and decorating their 'first page' with their names, last week. All I needed to do was hole punch and tie together.

Turning the pages they also found a mandala 'template' stuck on the second page of their journals. 'Mandala' means circle. Colouring in the patterns or making your own shapes within an outer circle , can be very relaxing. We enjoyed colouring these in, with coloured pencils, and (whilst colouring) were able to chat about 'stuff' that happened during week. The girls found selecting the colours for each part of the pattern very important, even working together to discuss selections, if they were unsure.

From paper we moved to the sand. I had pre-coloured some sand with a couple of drops of food colouring.

With the start of a mandala already drawn up, the group discussed how they were going to 'fill-it'. Each section was discussed, with a vote made on some areas.

It was a delicate process, that required concentration and consideration of other artist's .
We added to the outer shape – 3 petals each were drawn, then filled.
Our completed sand mandala. 
To finish we mixed the sand together and as discovered by the girls, we let the sand run through our fingers and cupped hands. A lovely tactile finish to the morning.

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