Sunday, February 20, 2011

What do we love?

Only one evening past Valentines Day and the Sussex Neighbourhood House Mixed Media class used 'love' as the theme for the evening class.

First 'things you love' were drawn or written in creative journals. Then the group were invited to find things they loved in the selection of free cafe postcards, to create 1 'postcard of love'.

A red heart was stuck on the back of each with words to describe.

Some main 'love' themes included: dancing, social things, people, art class, Friday Friends (social group), coffee, music, movies, dogs and flowers.

To close the group shared their postcards and 'keywords' of what they loved, with others – it was very exciting!

Many thanks to my neighbour for the beautiful fresh flowers, well it was the Tuesday after the 'v' day after all.

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