Saturday, March 12, 2011

Building nests

Marita kindly stepped in again as I was unable to be with the Creative Kids. Her experience of the day and photos follow – thanks Marita I know the group had a great time & the nests are lovely. A.

We gathered together in a circle, with a mandala of wool, threads and nests in the centre.
Everyone was invited to imagine being the eggs in our giant nest, slowly breaking the shells with wriggling elbows, stretching out to crack the eggs and glimpse the world beyond the egg. Although the group were not so keen to explore this they were very keen to jump out of the nest and fly outside, explore the surrounds of the space and then start to collect their materials to create their scene of what they saw when they cracked their shells open.

Inspired by the actual birds nest retrieved unused from a gum tree in my backyard, that I had embelleshed with soft red wool and clay eggs; the group were enthused to create their own nests, with diverse versions of beautiful hand held pieces to a lovely wall hanging.

This created some of challenges when the attaching materials available were glue, wool and needle/thread and not sticky tape!

The group rose to the creative challenge, creating nests, eggs, birds and even the tree to hold the nest, with some inspiring each other and some experiencing more challenge when their imagined piece didn't turn out as they had imagined. With wool, material, threads, sticks and bark and glue/scissors strewn everywhere the group was really helpful in cleaning up.

Maybe birds experience this too, as they learn to make their first nest... maybe this results in wonky nests and frustrations in attaching their nests to branches in trees. All learning...all hurry!

Thank you to the group for a lovely, inspiring, fun and nesty morning.

Tweet tweet! Marita

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