Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out of the clay came...

19th March

The group is guided by Marita. Here is her story of the day. A.

We all gathered, new faces and familar ones around tables to free - draw. Excitement rustled through the group to play with clay. Whilst I read a story "I am a bird" by Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez and Miguel Angel Pacheco, each person got to know their chunk of white clay, punding, kneeding, smashing, squishing and some started to form nests, inspired by the story and my reflections that when I was last there with the group, they created textile nests.

Music gently playing in the background was drowned out at times by pounding clay onto the table and a chatter of stories about clay, friends, school, holidays and all kinds of things. Learning about the pinch pot, the coil pot and how to make clay hair with a garlic crusher, along with the frustations of preventing cracks and crumblings and all the possibilities in - between, seemed to keep the group energised and determined to see what they could form from a chunk of the depths of the earth - clay!

Clay can be quite tricky to use, so we will create more next term to practice the techniques. 
Marita is also facilitating a school holiday 'space for kids art workshops'. For more info contact Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House on 9480 0466. It looks like a great 4 days of creativity! A.

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