Saturday, March 12, 2011

The story continues

The Mixed Media group began the evening exploring a new medium, chalk pastels, with 'free drawings' in their journals.

I then sat back to read aloud a story, whilst the group was encouraged to draw. This did not quite go to plan with many observing me read, rather than responding to me read. So a quick shift of artistic modalities and we were back 'on the storyline'. The plan had been to use small figurines to create our own story – but things don't always go as planned (which is a good thing).

With small figures selected and by describing 'what was seen' and then drawing 'what was seen', with a new medium the artist were surprised and excited. Exclamations of 'oh wow' were heard as the final pieces were held up and viewed by the artists.

What I observed was the importance of touch and description in artmaking. To be able to describe something whilst holding it and touching it, describing the shape or the colour resulted in less stress and greater clarity for the artist. It seemed a more pleasurable experience.

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