Saturday, March 26, 2011

Together for Harmony Week

15th March

As the Mixed Media group entered the House they were met by a bright orange sari which guided them into the childcare room (not their normal space). On the floor were cut-out pieces which together made up a 'whole' paper shape. With the theme of the evening Harmony Week we discussed 'things that we connect to'. A few suggestions were offered before Marita led the group down to their normal room, all connected to the orange sari in some way, paper pieces in hand.

To assist in the artmaking pre-made 'people' paper templates were also used. Things that connect included drawings and words about friends, family, tv shows, characters of tv shows, animals and nature. Once the pieces were complete we then headed back up to the other space, of course connected together through the sari.

Each piece was then placed on the floor. With time against us we decided to offer 'one gesture or word about one of the pieces which sat next to yours', rather than reforming the whole. It was certainly still whole and connected, just different than how it started – perfect harmony!

Again we thank Marita for filling in for Lynley and for the lovely chai!

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