Monday, April 4, 2011

A painting party

2nd April

Our last day of term and painting to music. On seeing the paint pottles (southern New Zealand for small containers) the kids were ready to get painting. But before we began we needed to listen closely to the music for the quality of the sounds, were they fast, sharp, loud or slow? Each time a track of music was played we moved away from the painting area and used our hands (and sometimes whole body movement) to come to know. With a repeat of the track the sound was painted.

First it was short and sharp, scattered moving into flow.

Then it was fast, galloping along. 
We sounded like a herd of elephants when creating our own movement.

Then slowly... hands were in the gooey paint – which to some felt good.

After clean-up we chatted and drew. Events and news of the week were discussed as we all companioned each other in our last class. 'T' our photographer for the day organised a group photo for those that wanted to be in it – complete with fancy names written in journals.

To close we gathered back around the group drawings and revisited each one, reducing them to our key sounds, with stomping feet, flowing arms and clapping hands. 

Have a great holiday Creative Kids and I look forward to seeing you next term!

PS Thanks to my mum for the wonderful artist aprons – they are wonderful.

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