Monday, May 30, 2011

Full of hope

28th May

Inspired by the artistic work of Franck de Las Mercedes' the CK's created their own 'hope boxes'. Sliently we thought of our hopes. Hopes for the future. Some hopes were personal, secret, others were for everyone and spoken about.

Empty boxes were then filled with a hope.
Some were blown in gently, others had secret notes.
All were sealed safely closed. 
To come to know the hope more pictures were created...

Hope for a volcano that spews out rainbows, red bubbles, sunshine, bluebirds and a herd of unicorns. 

Hope that the world lasts for 100 more years.

Hope for no war.

Hope that Carlton wins the AFL premiership.

The boxes were then wrapped in plain paper and a reduced version of the hope drawing, drawn onto the box. Artist's then had the option to take their boxes home, or to offer them to others, placing them in the kitchen. For many it was difficult to leave their hope and most boxes went home safely tucked under arms. 

These certainly were precious boxes.

Our thanks to Margaret (a Miecat Grad dip student) for volunteering your time on a 'Saturday morning'. A big THANK YOU! Also great work and thanks 'S' for being the day's photographer.

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