Sunday, May 8, 2011

Golden Leaves

7th May

Term 2 starts with the Creative Kids reflecting on their school holidays. Movie characters, starfish, family, friends and hammerhead sharks were drawn in journals. It was good to chat and reconnect.

Myself inspired by the colours of autumn and the beautiful leaves floating down to the ground, we used dye and pencil to capture the change of seasons. With a selection of leaves from my backyard each 'CK' selected their own. We looked at what we saw. What was in front of us? What shape was the leaf and which colours – making sure we notice even the smallest bits of red or brown. There was a lot of noticing and focusing!

While the dye dried poems were written, inspired by the leaves. There were poems about the season, including things we eat, what we see, what sports are played (specifically football).

With the dye, the base colour now dry pencil was added. Again this required looking closely and gently touching the leaf to see where the detail needed to be. In one case the 'not quite dry' paper and pencil combo, created an indent for the veins of the leaf – just like the leaf itself. This was very exciting. 

To close we read our poems out aloud and then created a group poem – with the word 'autumn' as a starting point. We found a lot of countries and cultures within the word and came to know we all experience this golden season change. We then floated and fluttered away into the crisp autumn day.

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