Saturday, June 25, 2011

Terms end leaving gift

25th June

Look out House, here we are to spread a little creative brightness to winter. We knitted, knotted and twisted...

 We hope our yarn bombing brings colour and our warm intent is felt.


A big thank you to our volunteers this term, it has been great having you with us. Thank you.

Self portraits

18th June

At the end of the last session I captured photos of each CK, which were printed out and used as the starting point for self portraits. Easels up, a quick look at Frida Kahlo's self portraits (my favourite artist) the CK's set out to capture theirs.

Some included things they liked.

Others focused on the correct mix for hair and eye colours.
Or careful capturing of eye and face shape. Description of the shapes really helped.

One portrait held elements which represented names, plus hand prints. 

We discovered that there are many ways to represent 'self' creatively. 

To close those who wanted to get their hands into the excess paint swirled and scribed into wet paint on shiny paper. A group hand hold transferred paint for all to get 'well stocked up'. What we also came to know was that when you use paint in this way the clean-up is longer... oh but how much fun it was at the time!

How we are feeling

11th June

Again I am a bit behind with the posts on what we have been up to, but here we go, three weeks updated!

Since we had spent the previous 2 weeks creating things for others (only a little for ourselves), we thought we would focus on 'us'. After a stretch and a bit of a movement meditation to wake up our joints and limbs we thought back to a time during the week when we felt a strong feeling. This feeling was then represented on cardboard masks.

Some memories stretched further back than the last week, to times with friends and family which stood out. Others shared thoughts of times which were sad and hurtful, but they wanted their masks to be the opposite feeling.

A happy mask held memories of a happy holiday, but there was also a little sad moment too.

Flowers represented a time with Mum.

One double sided mask showed happiness at loosing a bully, 
but the other side showed sadness at the loss of a friend (who had taken the bully's side). 

There was a mask for 'a girls best friend' – woof, woof.

A lot of  care was taken to get the masks as they needed to be,
hair styling and all.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Warm creative offerings for Christchurch

4th June

Firstly my apologies for posting this post so late - I found it a difficult one to write. Like other kiwi's aboard it has been heartbreaking to see the continuing devastation in Christchurch, caused by mother nature.

In February I made contact with the Melbourne/Christchurch earthquake appeal. I was told that 'normal items' were needed, such as beanies - 'it was getting cold at nights' I was told. I passed this information onto Sussex Neighbourhood House, in case any of the knitting or craft groups wished to contribute to the appeal.

Claire one of our wonderful Committee of Management members overheard and unbeknown to me began knitting. With a bag of wool donated to the House she researched beanie patterns, so that no 2 were the same. I was very surprised when I received an email from the House to say that there were 15 wonderful beanies ready for me to collect.

I asked Claire if it would be ok for the CK's to create tags, cards, letters and drawings to accompany the beanies on their journey to NZ. She was delighted. So that is exactly what we did, just to say 'hey we care'!

There were a lot of love hearts.

Carefully created cards and messages. 

Some beanies were adorned, this one with hearts and lullaby's (little bows).

One by one they go into the box with a card. 

Or a letter. 

Even the box was sent with care and kindness. 
It was such a special day for me, emotional and beautiful. The energy and intent of the CK's will stay with me forever. What a great group of caring Creative Kids!!

Special thanks needs to go also to Claire. Her generosity and community spirit has touched me greatly. With the deepest gratitude Claire I thank you. 

An extra note: As happens in life arrangements change. When I received word from the House that the beanies had been created I contacted the official appeal, only to be told that it no longer operated. So, on the phone to my Mum who contacted a close relative of ours living in Chch, who is connected to schools and church. She said she would be incredibly grateful to receive our offerings and hand out to those in need. 

Our box arrived on Tuesday, to the call of many 'thank you, thank you, thank you's'.

We're thinking of you Christchurch, stay strong.