Saturday, June 25, 2011

How we are feeling

11th June

Again I am a bit behind with the posts on what we have been up to, but here we go, three weeks updated!

Since we had spent the previous 2 weeks creating things for others (only a little for ourselves), we thought we would focus on 'us'. After a stretch and a bit of a movement meditation to wake up our joints and limbs we thought back to a time during the week when we felt a strong feeling. This feeling was then represented on cardboard masks.

Some memories stretched further back than the last week, to times with friends and family which stood out. Others shared thoughts of times which were sad and hurtful, but they wanted their masks to be the opposite feeling.

A happy mask held memories of a happy holiday, but there was also a little sad moment too.

Flowers represented a time with Mum.

One double sided mask showed happiness at loosing a bully, 
but the other side showed sadness at the loss of a friend (who had taken the bully's side). 

There was a mask for 'a girls best friend' – woof, woof.

A lot of  care was taken to get the masks as they needed to be,
hair styling and all.

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