Saturday, June 25, 2011

Self portraits

18th June

At the end of the last session I captured photos of each CK, which were printed out and used as the starting point for self portraits. Easels up, a quick look at Frida Kahlo's self portraits (my favourite artist) the CK's set out to capture theirs.

Some included things they liked.

Others focused on the correct mix for hair and eye colours.
Or careful capturing of eye and face shape. Description of the shapes really helped.

One portrait held elements which represented names, plus hand prints. 

We discovered that there are many ways to represent 'self' creatively. 

To close those who wanted to get their hands into the excess paint swirled and scribed into wet paint on shiny paper. A group hand hold transferred paint for all to get 'well stocked up'. What we also came to know was that when you use paint in this way the clean-up is longer... oh but how much fun it was at the time!

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