Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please reuse

The Creative Kids promo cards are out and about! Each are hand painted with vibrancy and gentleness, which reflects the style of the classes. Small pencil drawings depict activities from the past 2 terms. 

Although I do not endorse erasers, this is different... the use of pencil means that the CK details (once noted down of course) can be rubbed-out and the cards be transformed into whatever you wish them to be. 

Thank you Jack & Daisy (152B Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale) for letting me leave behind the below cards. They do a great peppermint tea too!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Enrollments for next term

Contact Sussex Neighbourhood House for Term 3 enrollments.
Ph 9354 2210

TERM 3 dates:
Mixed Media/ July 19th – September 20th
Creative Kids/ July 30th – September 17th

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I am feel really proud of the CK's as I write this post. 

Our first response comes from Sussex Neighbourhood House in response to our yarn bombing.
Delicious... thank the CKs from us.
... They are absolutely fabulous and as we are having fun week this week
they help to lift our midwinter spirits too.
The second from Christchurch in response to our beanie and art box.
(we were)... overwhelmed with your generosity and love and have undertaken the task of finding a home for all the lovely beanies. Please thank Clare (our beanie creator) for all her kind thoughts to everyone in need ... From us all in a very shakey Christchurch N.Z