Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Changing seasons

13th August

The theme for the day was going to be 'home', held within a mandala. However out on my morning walk before class I was struck by the change of season that was upon us. Nearly every tree was in blossom, or starting to bud.

So gathering up a bunch of blossom I headed to the House with a slight change in theme, 'changing seasons'. I invited the CK's to represent what the change from winter to spring meant to them. It could of been what they saw, what they felt, something they wanted to do differently this season from last. Over to them...

There is a changing of 'light'.
(Monet would certainly agree)

The world - with land, sky, heat and space.
(A mono print off of the painting was also created – with delight at the effect)

There was blossoms surrounded by the sun. 

And, the coolness of winter on one side with the warmth of spring on the other. 

Stories or poems were then written to go with the paintings. One which remains with me is the story of 'Eddy'.
A little boy who wanted to go outside to play. In winter he was not allowed, but in spring he was. And so that is exactly what Eddy did, he went outside to play.
There was something in this story for me about the 'freshness' of the change of seasons. A shift from snuggling up indoors to venturing outdoors to play – just like Eddy.

A big thank you to Marie for thinking of us with the supply of cardboard (from the back of hospital forms) - they made a great base for our mandalas.

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