Sunday, September 18, 2011

Special events

3rd September

Last week one of the CK's reminded me that Father's Day was this weekend. So with the special day a sleep away I asked the CK's to think of a time that they spent with their Dad that was important to them. It might of been a time when they had fun with their Dad, or a time of excitement, something they shared together, perhaps a special activity or simply an everyday thing.

These special moments which included a rock-climbing adventure, a shared love of a football club or Dad's love of football and a funny Dad at the playground, amongst others, where then represented in a Father's Day card.

There was celebration.

And imagination... Dad was there when the Pokémon sprung off the ground Рhe knew all about it.

Naturally, football.

One even included her little brother, who is like a ring-tail possum
– he's a bit naughty sometimes, she tells me. Just like a possum. 

With cards complete those finished created a promotional piece for the House Market next weekend. As the market was about sustainability we re-used all sorts of recycled material. Little cards hung off the branches let people know when it was on. A great example of sustainability including not only the environmental but support of our community and of course the financial – it didn't cost us a thing. 

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