Friday, September 2, 2011

Slow progress – great rewards

Two weeks ago the CKs started a challenging project – papier mache puppets! Challenging in two ways. The first being the medium, in week one. Papier mache requires a slow focus, it is not quick, but the more you work at it with small pieces the results soon start to build. It is also a bit gooey with flour and water (and a dash of salt to avoid any mold) as many discovered!

Using old toilet rolls and 'yesterdays newspapers' the CKs 'bracketed in'/decided what their puppets might be. There were witches, dogs, cartoon characters, a whale and a giraffe.

Week two brought a little more excitement and obvious rewards. However the CKs faced challenge two. There was paint, fabric, wool and threads but no glue or tape. So any pieces added need to be attached creatively.

But first the puppets needed to be drawn – 'what was the puppet to look like?' Once drawn paint colours were assigned dependent on the colours used in the drawing. Of course we don't like wasting, as the CK's know, so this was a good way to serve up only what we need.  

Fluffy the cat's creator realised that by applying the fabric or wool to wet paint, that the paint became an adhesive. She shared this wise knowing with the group – really helpful and a tip followed by others. 

Some completed puppets also had stories written and scenes created. 

This lucky little actress even had a 'lights/camera/action' board.

I really liked the use of wool with silver ornaments draped over the top of the 'set' which looked like lights to both myself and the artist. 

Two beautiful puppet girls were created side-by-side with their creators working together to mix up colours and offer assistance – great collaboration girls!

All puppets went home with their very proud artist/owner/creators – apologises to parents who had to place paper down in the car – there was no letting them dry to collect next week!

Only a few are shown here – they were all so special in their own unique ways.

Although challenging it was good to see that (despite the initial grumbles) if we stick with something long enough, stay focused and use our imaginations then we can end up with something we are proud of. Well done CK's.

Thanks to Chiara for the donation of fabric and wool!

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