Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hopes and dreams

Creative Kids
22nd October & 5th November

Firstly a thank you to Marita who began this lovely project with the CKs. Our reflections of the two weeks are combined...

This Saturday's Creative Kids session was themed around hopes and dreams.
The group were invited to stand in a circle next to their piece of coloured length that was taped to the ground.

Each CK was invited to non-verbally swap places with another CK in the group, by using eye contact and facial expressions, and as they swapped places to bring their length of material with them. They were also invited to offer a silent hopeful wish for the person they were swapping with. This was unfamiliar for us all and took some time to adjust to, yet swiftly the swaps were flowing simultaneously between 2 - 4 children at a time. Delight seemed to be a shared experience, by witnessing some smiles.

The coloured lengths of material became increasingly interwoven, forming a centre piece. I invited the group to pause and look at what we were creating and it was described as a spider web. The energy of the group then seemed to shift and some became spiders with excited weaving energy. We then tried to raise the centre knot by tacking the long end lengths to the surrounding walls - an installation had formed taking up half the room. This brought more zestful energy with some CK's launching through the web, around and under, whilst weaving with their ends and much laughter/play.

Another invitation was given to leave the installation and move into creating hopes and dreams flags, most joined this new activity whilst a few "spiders" were busy playing in the web. Using textas, cotton and buttons, the CKs were invited to consider their hopes and dreams that were discussed at the start of the session as some were drawn in journals/on paper. New challenges of threading needles, attaching material with hand stitches and sewing on buttons, were all met with patient - insistent trying by the CKs - Very impressive. And natural creativity was taken in a whole new direction by one CK, who chopped up her string of flags, to sew a cushion!

There was hope for an alien (toy), for animals, for nature, for time spent with friends. 

With a break in-between for Melbourne Cup weekend the project recommenced this week. 
'Hopes' were completed for individual flags and also for one which will be presented to the Neighbourhood House - which I will stitch together this week. Here are some of the individual pieces. 

Nature became the common thread, along side family and friends. 
Some hopes were spoken of but not drawn, as they are private hopes.
It was nice that they were shared.

From Marita: I was heart-warmed and inspired being with all the CKs - Thankyou!

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