Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mandalas in our world

12th November

We start seated back in our circle. With examples from nature I showed the CKs that mandalas are everywhere in nature. We looked closely at a flower, some bark, even a piece of grass with a seed-head – all of which carried a circle on them, somewhere. With fascination the CKs launched with enthusiasm into today's topic was 'to include a mandala' in what they created. A few are shown below.

The world and the sky created from circular pieces of tissue and fabric (with stars).

So many circles... such wonderful attention to their presence
and a lovely contemporary work.

 Four different circles modalities - can you see them all

A house with circular accessories!

Gifts for a special friend.

The beginning constructions of a UFO.
One CK helped the other in it's creation. 

I found it very rewarding to see how creative the CKs have become. It was also lovely to share our pieces with the group at the end and observe where the circles appeared in each others work. It was great to 'do the rounds'...

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