Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hitting the canvas

19 November

Today was painting on canvas day! I invited the CKs to select one, or a couple, of cut-out images as inspiration. Just a starting point for their painting.

It was a quiet focused time and as in the past palettes have been shared. This means we need to be really considerate of others, especially when it comes to mixing colours. Those with a lot of experience in this assisted their fellow artists in hue selections – well done!

 This piece below, titled 'buttons' used 3 images as inspiration.

A beach and a man at the cricket.
(the inspiration was attached to the canvas)

Others used their imagination as inspiration. 
In this piece the artist also wrote about what he saw. His buddy also responded.
{This response was helpful the next week when he added more to the painting}
Great collaboration. 

Paint brought a shift in style for this artist. 

The CKs were keen for me to do one also. I selected a landscape image as my inspiration.
It was an opportunity to show a different style (with watered down paint) - plus a lovely time of working together as two other CKs helped in adding the flowers.
We had to look closely at the picture to see where the flowers were placed!

In a tree-house looking out at the birds. 

Just the start.
This CK worked closely with his inspiration image to get perspective, tones and shadowing right.
{He continues this next week}

Pieces were titled and left to dry. Some were worked on the next week, some were finished!

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