Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natural prints

3 Dec

Honey, spices and a dash of gum arabic, grind it together with the back of the spoon for a whole song track and wa'la the Creative Kids had made their own paint.

With a piece of plastic board each, the CKs 'painted' their marks ready for pressing, to create a monoprint. This was a challenge for some, as monoprints can be quite abstract by nature. After viewing some examples from other artist's this was a more accepting concept. Even more accepting with the excitement of what you got when the paper was removed from the plate.

With two test pieces – wet paper and dry paper was explored.

Tumeric hue on dry and wet.

Paprika hue on wet and dry.

Once test pieces were complete it was on to the larger final pieces.
Again, two each.

 I then invited the CKs to sit quietly in-front of their monoprints, to see what was there and to write a short piece of writing or poem, about it.
I asked one artist if I could include her's for you to see.

suma tree
suma tree in the hot sun

the suma tree is dry and it has not rained
for weeks and the ground is falling apart,
but... suddenly the rain came


winta tree
winta tree in the cooled rain

the winta tree was drowning
because of the big flood.

Thank you 'V' for sharing.

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