Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are all in the Neighbourhood House

10 Dec

Our secret feet destination was revealed on Sunday. Visitors to the Artisan 'House' Market were guided between the two rooms, by our vibrant and varied footprints.

We tested them out...

We received a lot of comments on the day as well as a positive message from our House Chairperson, Liz. She writes/posts:

Well I've just had the greatest surprise. I rocked up to the House to get set up for tomorrow's market and found this! Look what our Creative Kids have done to help get people from the front door to the back room full of more goodies. Aren't they just wonderful! thanks Kids (and Amanda) - much appreciated.
In addition our hope flag was completed and offered to the House. Thanks 'S' for stitching them together. 
Some CKs wanted to create a spiders web, like the one they formed with Marita. I had received some yarn from a generous lady at the House, so there was yarn available. 'O' guided the 'spider web' group. There was a lot of organisation, a lot of laughter, a lot of yarn woven together. At some stage the web found itself as more of a 'snake'. Whilst cutting it up was fun I brought awareness of 'not wasting' what had been so generously donated. Tassels began to form, for the 'secret project' tomorrow.
It was a BIG day finishing projects and placing offerings to the House, our community.
For me it was a lovely end of term. I wish all of the CK's and their families a safe, joyful festive season. 
Take care out there, Amanda.

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