Monday, February 6, 2012

Creative Kids day 1 2012!

It was a lovely welcome Saturday morning to some familiar faces and some new ones. We started with a 'free-drawing' and a catch-up on 'who-knew-who'. Any nervousness of starting the term quickly disappeared as drawings took shape. 

There were drawings from imaginations. 

Many animals...

and a Dad who is 'the king of hearts'.

New artist journals were handed out. Each artist was invited to 'make it their own', with their name and something that is important to them connected to each letter (of their name). 

This artist included her grandmother (who is Egyptian) and her grandfather (who is Greek) - he likes chips. 

There were rabbits, cats and water-lillies. 

Coloured dye was also added.

Covers complete the invitation was to take one important thing and make it bigger inside. 

Zoe (seen above) is very important to this little artist as she cannot sleep without her. Zoe is placed inside the V (a letter in the artists name), in the vege patch, surrounded by special flowers. 

This artist likes snakes and is very knowledgeable about them. He explains to us the difference in head shape between the male and female. Their environment is carefully shown with fresh water over rocks and the murky pond at the bottom. 

A very creative start to the term and I look forward to the weeks ahead. A special thank you to Stephanie who is joining us as my assistant. An artist as well it is great to have her on board. She is volunteering with us as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award - thank you Stephanie. 

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