Saturday, February 18, 2012

Interesting views

11 February

Our second session was focused on the creation of an Artist Book (with multiple levels), although the CKs made their own connections, to the theatre, movies and television. 

Our created scenes were like capturing a moment. We tested this out by moving ourselves and then freezing, when told to 'stop'. We all got it!

So each 'scene' had a background, an accordion style fold (for the middle ground and to give us depth) and a front. I had magazines and some images already cut out, ready for the creation of a story. We then shared our story at the end. Many actually came to life, to perform a little for it's audience. 

Here are a few...

A love of animals lead the theme for this scene. 

A modeling show, complete with movable outfits and personalities drawn on. 

Good foods and bad foods.

Favorite toy / character in a cave.

A talking broccoli tree and a very special place where only a few friends are welcomed into. 

A shrimp that wanted to go back to the water, as it explained to the strawberry and broccoli. 
Well done everyone!

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