Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shredded paper reforms

18 February

I am always looking for ways to encourage the Creative Kids resourcefulness. As an art-maker we do not always have every material we need at our fingertips. I think this is a good thing, we start to think outside the square. We look at what we do have and how we can make it work. How we can be surprised and stretch our creative outlook.

During the week the lovely ladies in the office had been busy shredding paper. When asked did I want, or could I do something with a rubbish bag size of 'shred', I saw the challenge and the possibility. 'Yes' I said, 'the Creative Kids will use it'.

So I set about gently weaving pieces together at home to make a nest. It was very fiddly work but slowly it started to form. I took it along to show the group.

My woven paper shred nest.

With the shred, wool and fabric off-cuts, some bubble-wrap (to support the fragile creations), some twigs, leaves, seed-pods and some flour-and-water paste the CK's created their own.

A very secure nest (I think) with bubble-wrap outer, fabric and gently laid shred, with twigs and pieces of fabric.

This nest was a real challenge for it's owner.
We worked together to create a base for it to sit on and a large egg made out of fabric. 

This artist made more than one nest and soon got very good at forming the shred and paste into a shape.

A dinosaurs nest, or was it cave?
The eggs in the base were in constant danger of being stolen – which happened a couple of times. 
This artist carefully placed each piece.
Sadly this photo does not do it justice.
It is a lovely, quiet space.

Another lovely nest, supported by a fabric base.

This nest had a lot of layers and different techniques in the construction.
The shred is right down in the base, to keep it solid.  

The clean-up went really well as we turned up the music and danced, swept and collected items to some Cuban beats.

Then, in pairs (for those that wanted to), we thought of and then shared who would be in our nest. Family and friends were the common theme. Some of these nest occupants or the nests themselves were then shared with the greater group.

This was a challenging activity. Building nests is not easy, especially when your using objects you find. I think we all now know how a bird feels, thank goodness we didn't have to build it in the trees!

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