Friday, March 2, 2012

Artist Trading Card frenzy

25 Feb

A change to the set-up as the CKs arrived to find tables out and palettes full of paint. Our mission for the day was to create 5 Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) each, to trade with two other Victorian art groups. 

To begin 'C', who often brings his animation trading cards for inspiration, gave us the low-down on 'trading'. We all soon enough got the concept of continually swapping cards with others. So ours were going to be no different, although little pieces of art rather than 'popular characters'. 

To provide us with a theme, I invited all CKs to bracket-in (focus on) 'things I love'.

There were flowers, favourite and special toys, rainbows, imaginary friends (one of whom I almost sat on him - thankfully he moved in time!), animals, places and sunrises. 

A love of flowers

Rainbows and flowers 
A black cat with a pink nose

Cards complete and drying I asked each CK to draw a small sketch in their journals of each card and to write what they wanted noted on the reverse of each card. These I will type up and stick to the back, before sending off.

I was very impressed by the enthusiasm the CKs showed in participating in this project and can't wait to 'do the swap' - which will happen in a couple of weeks.

A big thank you to fellow art group facilitators, Natalya Garden-Thompson and Nikita Burt for collaborating with Sussex Neighbourhood House Creative Kids! I look forward to seeing your groups ATCs and I know the CKs do too.


  1. Great idea--I can imagine the excitement when the swapped cards come in:)

  2. I am certainly looking forward to that moment! I will be sure to update the post on how the connection goes :)