Friday, March 30, 2012

Artist Trading Card update

In the beginning... 3 March, from Marita:

The Creative Kids, volunteer Steph and I gathered together to start to create a space for the "Artist trading cards" to be displayed in the up-coming end of term exhibition. We talked about the cards that have been posted to Wallen NH and North Melbourne NH and mused over the sorting boxes or pigeon holes that mail gets dropped into behind the scenes at the Australia Post. These ideas were the foundations for the group to create their own miniature post boxes from recycled materials (boxes and postcards).

The group worked with focussed energy, chatting and sharing ideas for re-arranging their boxes in to a space to hold the cards.

Some were challenged by box re-construction and whilst all created a unique piece with their own signature creative style. A few started to yarn bomb a wooden frame as a possible place to hang the boxes. This became a lot of fun and a bit messy, the group had to work out ways to weave and attach wool around each other, some CKs were very excited and energised by the freedom to 'yarn bomb'.

The group cleaned up beautifully together. We then sat together and discussed ideas of putting on a performance for the end of term exhibition. An impromptu reheasal erupted at the end of the session, as lots of CKs were bursting with dramatic energy! Thank you everyone for a vibrant morning.

Then... 17 March, from Marita:


With Steph the 'wonder volunteer', the Creative Kids all gathered around the table with a sense of anticipation in the air, as they readied themselves to finally receive their artist trading cards (ATC) from the other art groups. I invited the group to sit and reflect, whilst everyone was arriving by journaling or drawing a completion of this sentence "I am wondering...." in connection to receiving the ATCs. Then another invitation was given to have a volunteer Postie to give out the cards. Each person received an envelope of 4 cards, a mix from the 3 Neighbourhood Houses. 

They also received a set of blank postage stamp templates, to make their own stamps for a group art piece to be sent back to the Wallen and North Melbourne Neighbourhood Houses and some to design and keep. The group sat quietly on the mat in a close knit circle of more anticipation. 'C', the Postie delivered the parcels and the quiet and patient CKs took their time to look at the cards. Then the group was divided into groups of pairs, and given the invitation to share their cards with their partner and to respond to the questions.... 

"What is it like to receive these cards?"
"What would you like to say to the other artists, who made the cards?"

Responses as keywords or phrases were noted on small cards.

After this sharing and reflecting activity a few CKs seemed filled with energy that they needed to release, I invited them to move or dance one of the cards they had received. This experience transformed into a whole group activity with a giant length of apricot shimmery fabric. Some exuberant CKs moved wildly about the room, under the length of fabric, some dancing their artist cards, whilst others held the edges up to create a sail effect. We then moved to working on the postie boxes from the last sessions, to add more collage detail and to create postage stamp designs. The group cleaned up beautifully as a team, and with some encouragement as somehow a few CKs had transformed into wild animals: Leopards and Tigers roaring! Thank you everyone for your energy and creativity, expressed in so many ways all in one session.

Thank you Marita and Steph - you are both wonderful. Thank you! Amanda.


  1. I'm trying to find blank atc in bulk for my class in Melbourne and I'm having trouble. Any ejection would be appreciated thanks

  2. Hi Rachel, sorry for the delay in responding. If you haven't already sourced you might want to try either KW Doggetts or Zeta Florence has great little pre-cut packs of cards. All the best.