Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sock Monkey's

Introducing a sock monkey

This is Georgie Girl, my sock monkey ‘poster girl’. She is sitting on my knee as I write this. When asked to explain a little more about my /our sock monkey workshop, next week, I knew she needed to be nearby.

A sock monkey is hand-crafted out of one pair of socks. Cutting, stitching and stuffing. With each alteration your sock monkey comes alive. They are full of personality and have an unexplainable ability to hold many stories and emotions, revealed in time and creation.

Described by ‘sock monkey queen’, Kat Thorsen,

“The process is quite miraculous… The simple process of making a loveable creature allows for a moment of safety and caring.

Sock monkey’s are more than toys, they are healers”

Every sock monkey is unique! Here are a couple of Georgie Girl's friends, the two Mr Murphy's.

And here is one of 'the Mr Murphy's' with his owner.

We hope to meet you on the 3rd of April for some sock monkey magic, at Sussex Neighbourhood House, 10:30am - 3:00pm.

Amanda & Georgie Girl x

PS don’t forget your lunch


  1. They're delightful and enticing and warm and friendly. I hope the workshop goes great! Do you need any socks?

  2. All sock donations welcome :) Thanks for your comments and support.