Saturday, April 28, 2012

Changing seasons - naturally

21st April

Our first Creative Kids for term 2 began with an acknowledgment of the change of seasons. Since our last class the days have gotten colder, the leaves are turning golden and float down to the ground from their branches. I took a pile of golden leaves from my backyard and placed them in our artist circle. As a group we discussed this change of season and how all had noticed that the darkness of night was coming around sooner than in the summer months. 

Since the earth has turned towards these cooler months, it felt right to use mandalas as our format. After a brief chat 'around' mandalas and a movement warm-up, I lead the group in a small visualization to bring focus to our natural environment. We closed our eyes and imagined we were sitting under the shade of a very old, majestic tree. The tree supports wildlife, has weathered storms, children have climbed on it, adults sat under it. It offers support and protection to all.

The CK's were then invited to represent the change of seasons, as mandalas. We used primed, vinyl rounds, recently gathered from reverse garbage.

The stars in the dark night sky.

The sun.
Although the air is getting cooler the sun still shines.

The tree.

A crystal which comes from the earth, sparkles. 

The sky with swirling clouds and lava from a volcano. 

We had many natural elements, including wind and dinosaurs, who need the tree for protection. It was great to see the CKs focus on the world around them and noticing the changes.

I personally like the change in seasons – it's what makes the world go round. 
Stay warm and enjoy the autumn sun on your back.

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