Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snap Our Neighbourhood

'Snap Our Neighbourhood' photography adventure on Wednesday saw the end of our school holiday program at Sussex NH.

We had a good turn out of adults and children, and all agreed that it was a lot of fun. In small groups or as individuals, photographers set-off with a theme each (written on tags) and a map (so we could find our way back).

Themes such as... from afar, space and time, nature, fun and freedom, earth, water, wind.
For an hour and a quarter we wandered the neighbourhood with cameras in hand and theme in mind. It was actually quite a challenge! However as time went on noticing 'your theme' became easier.

During our walk, I teamed up with one of my (past) Creative Kids and her grandmother, we gathered a bouquet of flowers. My theme was fun and freedom. It was during our walk back to the House that I realised that 'fun and freedon' had been with us all along - in this bouquet. Not only did it represent the day but also brought back memories of picking flowers with my best friend when I was a young girl.

Once back at the House we reduced our photos down to two or three of our favourites. 
The manager of the House captured this photo of me showing my favourites to three other interested photographers
 (note must bend my knees in future!)

Post the workshop all participants have been invited to submit their photos for the Snap our Neighbourhood photo competition. There are two categories - most likes (winner = photo with the most facebook likes) and the House favourite.

Please drop past the site and 'like' some photos @

Snap our neighbourhood photo competition album

If you would like to enter the competition with photos snapped around the Sussex Neighbourhood House area please send them to The competition closes on the 17th April and is open to all.

Happy snapping.

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