Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sock Monkey's!

Sock Monkey workshop - Sussex Neighbourhood House

3 April 2012

The day finally came for the much anticipated sock monkey workshop. Georgie Girl and I were so excited! Here she is all packed up and ready to head to the Neighbourhood House. 

A bit of a squish, but everything ready to go. 

With materials spread out, including the treats - banana lollies (of course) - the day was well underway.  

Georgie Girl with the treats and my Granny's tablecloth,
which holds lovely memories of sewing with her when I was a child. 
The collection of socks.

Wool bits.

Stitching and stuffing saw Monkey's start to take shape for the 8 creators. It was lovely to see 3 generations sitting around the table all working and chatting together - 6 children and 2 adults (and me).

On goes the nose.

Shaping the tail.

Stuffing arms. 

Stitching on ears.

Adding hair

And a heart.

Georgie Girl was so happy she had some new friends! Here are a few happy snaps...

Bubbles and GG

GG and her footie loving friend (still to be named)

With Princess.

And this little monkey was named Amanda,
with all those love-hearts I can see why
('Amanda': meaning 'worthy of love') .

All left happy and a bit tired - me too. It was such a full day and credit to everyone who stayed with the creating even when it felt like forever (!) until they were finished.  Well done and thank you for being part of a special day. 

Thank you also to Chiara for the sock donation, wool bits and for teaching me how to crochet the hearts. To Richard for showing us the quilt he is making for his son, it demonstrated that sewing takes time and the rewards are great. Also for the birthday cake - happy birthday. To Lynley for bringing us cake, Mary for dropping by and to all the crew at SNH for all their support. What a team - so lovely to be a part of it.

In support: 
Check at the arts and crafts section of the House website to see classes run this term coming by my wonderful creative friends. 

It's a lovely feeling to know that there are 8 more Sock Monkey's out there in the world, ready to love and hold the stories, feeling and thoughts of their creators. I wish them all the best. 

Take care
Amanda x


  1. Love it! So good to see the new creative monkeys. Looks like it was a HUGE day:)

  2. They are gorgeous Amanda! Thank you for sharing! I am inspired to make some more of my own now. Little characters x

  3. Thank you both. Yes it was a huge day! Pleased to hear your inspired Natalya - the world needs lots of sock monkeys :)