Sunday, April 1, 2012

What art means to me

24 March

Small acrylic pieces which captured, 'what art means to me'.

We began the session by thinking about art-making and offered into the group a 'keyword' to describe our thoughts, what we knew now especially after the Artist Trading Card exchange. Words of 'happy', 'joy', 'painting favourite things', 'creative'... were carried into the painting. 

Favourite things.

Connections to family - painting with Pop

The top two artists came to know that art also meant experimenting - trying different things.
Hands smudged the paint, layers of splatters and swirls. 
One CK even rinsed her canvas for a soft, yet stunning effect. 

More experimenting combined with favourite things. 

This artist discovered the joy of being inspired by another. 
She explored splatters and finger-prints as she noticed others actions. 

Being able to paint things you love - animals. 

I agree with the CKs - art means all of this to me also. Expressing to the world what we love, experimenting, working with others, being inspired by others and connecting with friends and family. 

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