Saturday, May 12, 2012

Artist's at Work week 3


ArtWorks week 3, at the half way mark for the term!

Again the girls were quite varied in their work. 'C' worked on and completed her piece from last week. After identifying the character as being 'silly' in silly clothes, we came to know that the background needed to hold this quality also. It was very much like a stained glass window, or the panels at Federation Square. 'C' decided that each section needed to be a different colour and tested her 'mixed colours' before putting them on the page. This certainly helped to ensure she had the colour she wanted. After taking it to show Suzanne and Leigh in the office, positive spirits were on the rise and more was added in the form of shapes and objects.

'S' has continued her inquiry into a piece of a song lyric, for her school project. This week was very much about looking closely at the techniques she liked in others works. We discussed dark and light and the interest in taking inspiration from others, but keeping (or bringing in) our own style. The 'eye' she has been working on certainly shows this. 

We also spent time discussing and looking at scars, a main theme in the lyric – how much to do you show of a scar and what remains hidden? 

To top off the night 'C's painting has been selected to appear on a Sussex Neighbourhood House business card, along side other House creatives. I'm thinking she is going to be one very excited artist next week, when she sees it all printed up!!!

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