Saturday, May 26, 2012

ArtWorks final pieces

21st May

Time to hit the paper for the final pieces. 'S' arrived with one purpose - to work on her final drawings for her school project assessment. The submission date was sooner than she had thought, so after a couple of deep breathes it was time to start the scary task of putting pencil to 'final paper'. 

We referred back to the keywords identified last week to ensure that the drawing and the marks held the quality of the emotions, feelings and behaviors. They serve a little like a compass or map. 

She was well on her way by the end of the group and I wish her all the best in completing the others, plus putting down the watercolour. 

'C' also worked on her painting. She added trees, butterflies and mountains. What was really exciting was the mixing of different shades of paint. 

Time went so quickly for all us of - again we could of stayed there all night!

This evening was certainly about supporting, sharing and moving through what can sometimes be a tense space of working on a final piece.

Well done girls - I can't wait to see the 'finals' this Monday - also our final session. 

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