Thursday, May 17, 2012

Embedded within a painting

14th May

The key phrase I would use to describe ArtWorks this week would be 'thought provoking'. Both girls spent time coming to know the topics of their upcoming works. 

'C', interested in her next painting being of a giraffe in Africa, was concerned about it being realistic, of it being 'right'. A selection of giraffes were found on the internet and she worked intensely observing the forms before sketching them on paper. Unhappy with some parts she used tracing tissue for the 'next round'. Areas she was happy with she could trace (of her own work underneath), areas that required adjustment could be adjusted. Come the end of the evening she started to feel more comfortable with adding her own, creative slant. I look forward to the painting next week. 

'S' was looking to finalise the content, for her paintings, for her school project. We again discussed scars and then listened to the song that her selected lyrics come from. On listening to the track and writing down the selected lyrics, I 'bracketed-in', or brought to the forefront of our conversation, each sentence. As I read out each part 'S' gathered them into 3 distinct parts. I invited her to connect the 'lyric parts' to her own experiences - could she think of a time when she felt this way? As she spoke of what she knew, I noted down 'key words' - words that stood-out to me. Before us, scribbled on a piece of paper emerge the possible content of the 3 paintings, she 'knew' them - we were both very excited! 

A big night, a lot of thinking, concentrating and reflecting - but very exciting. 
Also Happy Birthday 'S' - here's to a great year ahead for you. 

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