Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big hearts

12th April

As most of you know I'm a kiwi, who spread her flight-wings to Melbourne out of Christchurch many years ago (yes, we can fly with a bit of help). 

This week I came across 'The Eastern - The Letting Go' youtube video, thanks to Deborah Tromp Green, from the CHART ANZATA Art Therapy Initiative. It was difficult to watch a place of fond memories in pieces, but as the clip went on I felt pride and positivity. To me it showed the resilience and strength of community spirit. Wonderful little fabric hearts, carrying a big message – of kindness, connection, hope and strength (the list goes on...). My hope for today was for the CKs to be a part of a 'big heart' from a global community. 

They watched the clip with me, asked questions and then with a lot of care made some special hearts. 'C' drummed us into the mood with 'heart-beats' on the bongo drum. 

'The Eastern - The Letting Go'

Hearts were made for Christchurch, some for Mother's Day and one for Mum and a Grandfather who has not been well, one for a friend.  

There were beads, felt and flowers.

Paper, buttons and markers.

Carefully cut,

And held together. 

Some wrote letters and drew pictures for kids in Christchurch. 

As I did last year, with the beanies and cards, I will ensure 'our hearts & messages' make it to NZ. 

Our hearts for you Christchurch

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums,
and to 'L's grandfather, I hope you are healing. 

If you would like to send some stitched Hearts for Christchurch please see the link below. 

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