Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garments with special powers

This morning I set the CKs a challenge. With their pieces of clothing they were invited to think of their clothing as having special powers. These powers might be like armor to protect, or have magical qualities, or have super-hero actions. Also how would they be worn - just because they were trousers, would they still be worn like trousers?

In fact no - one pair of trousers became a hat, which could write books!
There was the dress with invisible powers. 

A t.shirt which has her families love. 
She can wear this anywhere at anytime. 

(Another shirt with 'Go Blues' is for the football!)

This paint shirt, spews paint. 

These legging / arm bands, protect from flies and bees. 
They have a sad face, angry face and happy face on both. 
With them on their owner looks very confident. 

And this skirt protects against pollution in the world. 
We should get a few of these, the world could certainly use protection from pollution!

A big thanks to all the CKs for doing such a wonderful job in the 'clean-up'. We had so much to do and  you were great!!!!

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