Saturday, May 12, 2012

Messages of happiness

Last week I was teaching first year Grad Dip students at Miecat, so the very talented Natalya kindly stepped in to help at Creative Kids. From an email she wrote to me after the class:

Today was wonderful!!! We began with journalling and then I invited the kids to make "little people".

We began by writing a message about "things that make us happy" - a message for either ourselves or in reflection of the person we might be giving our little friend to as a gift afterwards.

These were then scrunched up to use inside as heads. The kids watched as I demonstrated each step and then waiting patiently for everyone to finish each step before we continued. They helped each other out - it was a collaborative experience.

Some chose to make legs and others decided not to - one child created one big little/mermaid like fin!
Everyone was excited to decorate their little people.

Afterwards we reflected upon what is was like to make the little people.

I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with all the children.

Thank you for the opportunity to have been able to fill in for you! Nat x

Thank you Nat! And, from what I heard this morning these were a great hit. Many made more during the week for friends and Mums. I will certainly treasure the one made and gifted to me. Many, many thank yous. Amanda x

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