Saturday, May 12, 2012

Story and drawing / drawing and story

April 28th

Since I am very behind in my posts - again - let me see if the CK drawings can tell the story. Quite appropriate given the activity began with me reading a story whilst the group was invited to draw. Once the story was finished, the artist's were asked to focus on one part of the drawing using a 'paper mask'. This selected area was then made bigger in a separate drawing. Individual stories were then formed, using the drawings as inspiration. Some choose to write, some shared with the group, in our closing circle. 

Once upon a time as I read,
emerged large drawings with...


focusing on a cave with the rock.

It was windy, very, very windy...

It's hard when the weather is bad, 
even though there is a rainbow. 

There are sunsets

and sunrises – a lot going on.

Swans with crowns

and a princess. 

The end 
for today.

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