Monday, June 18, 2012

Happiness in the air

Precious little birds holding and bringing the awareness of happiness to each creator.

The Birds of Happiness workshop, part of the Coburg Carnivale... I'll let the pictures tell the story. What wonderful little creatures!

I was privileged to hear some of the thoughts of happiness and how it made the 'owner' feel. Some were beautiful, some made me laugh, some stayed with me, leaving their mark in a heartfelt way - but all resulting in a relief or lightness.

Thank you little birds!

The writing of a happy thought and the feeling that it creates. 

Wrapping that thought and feeling up tightly, securely. 

With focus and determination,

and a little bit of help from special friends and family...

individual Birds of Happiness are ready to head home. 

All birds headed home, owners too attached to leave them on the installation (so we heard). 

In just over 2 hours approx 35 birds were created! WOW.

I then headed off to the Western hospital to visit a friend. I created her a Bird of Happiness, with her direction. Her husband also made one. They hung above her bed, to bring her a bit of happiness... they brought a tender tear to my eye.

The next day my godson and his little brother also made one each. It was lovely to be able to share and see them become very attached to their birds - they even went for a walk with us. 

So the final tally was approx 39. That's a lot of happiness - sure brings a smile to my face. 
Thank you Moreland City Council, the Coburg Carnivale, Sussex Neighbourhood House and my ever so supportive SNH friends who donated materials, time and a wool winder! 

Co-facilitated with Natalya Garden

Creative Kids with Nat and printmaking!

From Natalya

We began with journalling and then did a round of introductions - saying our names and favourite colour.

I invited the children to think about the question:
"If you were an animal, what would you be?"

It was challenging for some to cut up the foam but with persistence and imagination they created some amazing blocks.

Before long there was paint everywhere. The children started experimenting with paintbrushes, hand prints, creating backgrounds and monoprints.

Clean-up over we created a circle and I grabbed a "special box" from my bag. I said that we had to all be really quiet if we wanted to see what was inside. "But why?" they asked. "Because the special thing only comes out when it's quiet" I replied. "But what is it?" they asked "Is it a rabbit?" "It's a Sansula" I whispered as I opened the lid and revealed my african finger piano.

As I played it softly, the children were quiet and engaged. I invited them to say what their imagined animal self was and make a sound for it. We then echoed back the sound. There was a chorus of foxes, giraffes, dolphins, monkeys, lions, butterflies.

After this we took a tour of the artwork created, each child giving a brief description of what and how they had made their works.

I then handed out the artworks from the previous weeks and then it was time to finish.

I am so grateful for Steph's assistant, she is wonderful.

Thanks Nat for stepping in for me. The prints are wonderful. This week two of the CKs who are close friends, showed me their prints - one created and printed 'the turtle', the other created and printed the turtle eggs. Beautiful. Again, thank you xo

THE final artworks (for the term)

Having just cleared photos of my camera I realised that I never posted the last ArtWorks session. 
So here is a quick posting!

'S' worked on the first two pieces of her triptych (a work divided into three sections). First the greylead pencil drawing and then a layer of watercolour. The 'keywords' connecting to the song lyric were a very good reminder of what each piece represented. The marks created a few weeks back were also very useful to go back to in depicting the emotion held in the piece. At one stage 'S' mentioned that she could of 'danced' or 'moved' the feeling and emotions in the work - such a shame we didn't have more time - it would of been a great idea. 

Although time was too short to add in movement, looking at the work in different positions sure helped. 

A bit of height is good too - a different perspective and energy flowing from body to hand to paper. 

I heard from 'S' the other day that she was happy with what she submitted. I am really pleased for her. 

'C' also worked away on her final piece - to be continued at home. One of the main features was the sunrise, in behind the giraffe. 'C' focused heavily on the shades and blending - what a lovely glow!

Again sorry for the very late posting!  A

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A place for artists to gather in Melbourne's North

The Sussex Neighbourhood House Artist's Studio, for all creatives out there who would like to put some time aside to see where their creations take them. 

Designed for all visual art modes, bring your own project or just yourself and see where being a part of the Artist's Studio takes you. You may wish to work with another artist(s) in the group on a collaborative project or purely receive what you need from simply being around others in a creative space.

Basic sketching materials supplied. You will need to bring your own materials for specialised projects. 

Once a month (the second Monday), starting July 9, 6:30 - 8:30pm. 
For bookings please call Sussex Neighbourhood House  9354 2210.

I will have the pleasure of 'holding the space' for the group, with the assistance of Ching2, some of her work can be seen on .

Looking forward to it!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't feed the birds, appreciate their presence

The rain didn't dampen our spirits or our yarn - well maybe the yarn was a bit soggy - but it still looked great. Sussex Neighbourhood House yarnbombing blue/green/purple masterpiece, is installed!

What an exciting project to be involved in and I am so proud of our wonderful group. From the Mary's poles to Claire's peggy square rug, (no second hand rugs here - straight from the crocheter's hands to seat), Karen's light-post with frilly skirts, C's hand knitting tree stand, the neighbourhood kids finger knitting, to Leigh's little 'pastie birds' and little fatty blue birds - plus anyone I have overlooked - what a creative community effort. 

One of my little birds of happiness found a lovely resting place in C's hand knitting. 

Leigh's sweet wee blue bird, that has received a lot of pats and appears to be a great stop for a photo. 

These trees were by the Multicultural Women's Group (I think), 
they look stunning wrapped in flowers, bows and buttons. 

With a lot of interest gathering for next weekends workshop, 'Birds of happiness', it should be good!

Hope to see you there

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birds of happiness

Here they go, ready to take flight at the Coburg Carnivale in a couple of days time. 

Sussex Neighbourhood House has been invited to participate in the Wild and Woolley yarnbombing installation, along with others, in the Victoria Street Mall (Coburg, Vic). These little 'birds of happiness', are my contribution. They are filled with the thought of something that makes me feel happy - such as hot chocolate! And the feeling that this happiness brings to me. Each are written on pieces of paper, with the happiness thought forming the head and the happiness feeling, the body. Wrapped in fabric the happiness is then held secure by yarn. Little buttons add to the unique character of each bird. 

Testing their wings before The Coburg Carnivale 12-16 June

Heading off to a new home... soon. 

Bringing things that make us happy to the street. 

Bringing awareness to what makes us happy. 

Birds of Happiness workshop

I will have the pleasure of working along side Nikita Burt in a Birds of Happiness workshop on Saturday, June 16th. Victoria Street Mall (near Coburg Library), Coburg. The workshop is from 12-2pm and is free of charge - simply bring a thought and feeling of something that makes you feel happy. Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference and it's nice to acknowledge them, so on a not so happy day we know where to reach some brighter goodness. 

Best off for that cup of hot chocolate now :)

This project is a fusion of two concepts, developed with Natayla Garden
The birds of happiness foundations came from wish dolls: and were adapted for this project. 
Thoughts and feelings of happiness, inspired by A HappyArtist's  Life, Lani Gerity, part of the 6 Degrees of Creativity online workshops.