Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birds of happiness

Here they go, ready to take flight at the Coburg Carnivale in a couple of days time. 

Sussex Neighbourhood House has been invited to participate in the Wild and Woolley yarnbombing installation, along with others, in the Victoria Street Mall (Coburg, Vic). These little 'birds of happiness', are my contribution. They are filled with the thought of something that makes me feel happy - such as hot chocolate! And the feeling that this happiness brings to me. Each are written on pieces of paper, with the happiness thought forming the head and the happiness feeling, the body. Wrapped in fabric the happiness is then held secure by yarn. Little buttons add to the unique character of each bird. 

Testing their wings before The Coburg Carnivale 12-16 June

Heading off to a new home... soon. 

Bringing things that make us happy to the street. 

Bringing awareness to what makes us happy. 

Birds of Happiness workshop

I will have the pleasure of working along side Nikita Burt in a Birds of Happiness workshop on Saturday, June 16th. Victoria Street Mall (near Coburg Library), Coburg. The workshop is from 12-2pm and is free of charge - simply bring a thought and feeling of something that makes you feel happy. Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference and it's nice to acknowledge them, so on a not so happy day we know where to reach some brighter goodness. 

Best off for that cup of hot chocolate now :)

This project is a fusion of two concepts, developed with Natayla Garden
The birds of happiness foundations came from wish dolls: and were adapted for this project. 
Thoughts and feelings of happiness, inspired by A HappyArtist's  Life, Lani Gerity, part of the 6 Degrees of Creativity online workshops. 


  1. They're looking great. I just love the button eyes! Looking forward to it all coming together happily:)

  2. Thanks. Thanks also for your support today when feeling a bit under the weather. That makes me happy!