Monday, June 18, 2012

Creative Kids with Nat and printmaking!

From Natalya

We began with journalling and then did a round of introductions - saying our names and favourite colour.

I invited the children to think about the question:
"If you were an animal, what would you be?"

It was challenging for some to cut up the foam but with persistence and imagination they created some amazing blocks.

Before long there was paint everywhere. The children started experimenting with paintbrushes, hand prints, creating backgrounds and monoprints.

Clean-up over we created a circle and I grabbed a "special box" from my bag. I said that we had to all be really quiet if we wanted to see what was inside. "But why?" they asked. "Because the special thing only comes out when it's quiet" I replied. "But what is it?" they asked "Is it a rabbit?" "It's a Sansula" I whispered as I opened the lid and revealed my african finger piano.

As I played it softly, the children were quiet and engaged. I invited them to say what their imagined animal self was and make a sound for it. We then echoed back the sound. There was a chorus of foxes, giraffes, dolphins, monkeys, lions, butterflies.

After this we took a tour of the artwork created, each child giving a brief description of what and how they had made their works.

I then handed out the artworks from the previous weeks and then it was time to finish.

I am so grateful for Steph's assistant, she is wonderful.

Thanks Nat for stepping in for me. The prints are wonderful. This week two of the CKs who are close friends, showed me their prints - one created and printed 'the turtle', the other created and printed the turtle eggs. Beautiful. Again, thank you xo

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