Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't feed the birds, appreciate their presence

The rain didn't dampen our spirits or our yarn - well maybe the yarn was a bit soggy - but it still looked great. Sussex Neighbourhood House yarnbombing blue/green/purple masterpiece, is installed!

What an exciting project to be involved in and I am so proud of our wonderful group. From the Mary's poles to Claire's peggy square rug, (no second hand rugs here - straight from the crocheter's hands to seat), Karen's light-post with frilly skirts, C's hand knitting tree stand, the neighbourhood kids finger knitting, to Leigh's little 'pastie birds' and little fatty blue birds - plus anyone I have overlooked - what a creative community effort. 

One of my little birds of happiness found a lovely resting place in C's hand knitting. 

Leigh's sweet wee blue bird, that has received a lot of pats and appears to be a great stop for a photo. 

These trees were by the Multicultural Women's Group (I think), 
they look stunning wrapped in flowers, bows and buttons. 

With a lot of interest gathering for next weekends workshop, 'Birds of happiness', it should be good!

Hope to see you there

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