Monday, June 18, 2012

THE final artworks (for the term)

Having just cleared photos of my camera I realised that I never posted the last ArtWorks session. 
So here is a quick posting!

'S' worked on the first two pieces of her triptych (a work divided into three sections). First the greylead pencil drawing and then a layer of watercolour. The 'keywords' connecting to the song lyric were a very good reminder of what each piece represented. The marks created a few weeks back were also very useful to go back to in depicting the emotion held in the piece. At one stage 'S' mentioned that she could of 'danced' or 'moved' the feeling and emotions in the work - such a shame we didn't have more time - it would of been a great idea. 

Although time was too short to add in movement, looking at the work in different positions sure helped. 

A bit of height is good too - a different perspective and energy flowing from body to hand to paper. 

I heard from 'S' the other day that she was happy with what she submitted. I am really pleased for her. 

'C' also worked away on her final piece - to be continued at home. One of the main features was the sunrise, in behind the giraffe. 'C' focused heavily on the shades and blending - what a lovely glow!

Again sorry for the very late posting!  A

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