Monday, June 18, 2012

Happiness in the air

Precious little birds holding and bringing the awareness of happiness to each creator.

The Birds of Happiness workshop, part of the Coburg Carnivale... I'll let the pictures tell the story. What wonderful little creatures!

I was privileged to hear some of the thoughts of happiness and how it made the 'owner' feel. Some were beautiful, some made me laugh, some stayed with me, leaving their mark in a heartfelt way - but all resulting in a relief or lightness.

Thank you little birds!

The writing of a happy thought and the feeling that it creates. 

Wrapping that thought and feeling up tightly, securely. 

With focus and determination,

and a little bit of help from special friends and family...

individual Birds of Happiness are ready to head home. 

All birds headed home, owners too attached to leave them on the installation (so we heard). 

In just over 2 hours approx 35 birds were created! WOW.

I then headed off to the Western hospital to visit a friend. I created her a Bird of Happiness, with her direction. Her husband also made one. They hung above her bed, to bring her a bit of happiness... they brought a tender tear to my eye.

The next day my godson and his little brother also made one each. It was lovely to be able to share and see them become very attached to their birds - they even went for a walk with us. 

So the final tally was approx 39. That's a lot of happiness - sure brings a smile to my face. 
Thank you Moreland City Council, the Coburg Carnivale, Sussex Neighbourhood House and my ever so supportive SNH friends who donated materials, time and a wool winder! 

Co-facilitated with Natalya Garden

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