Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drawing important times

A little behind on my posts... but here we go. Creative Kids on the 21st July, our first day back for the term.

We began with a bit of a chat about what we did during the holiday break, whilst 'personalising' the  new art journals. It was then time to select something important, from the during the hols (or close to), to take into a drawing. 

Chalk pastels were the material of choice for the day – there were also coloured pencils and grey-leads.

The chalk-pastel worked well for one artist who went go-cart racing. 
The chalk created a great 'smokey' effect.

There were two birthdays.
One picture including guests, tables, banners,

and a Star Wars cake. 

There were fun times with friends and family...
playing the 'wii game',

there was football...


and ice skating. 

This little artist's told me of a lovely time with her grandmother who lives on a farm. 
Her picture shows the house, a sheep and the fence. 
She was 'all smiles' telling me about it. 

It was quite a treat for me to hear and see these important times and events. Not only is it a great way for us to get to know each other, to connect (or not) with similar experiences, but I also think it is good to take the time to slow down and acknowledge events which are important to us. This is not always easy as we have many 'things' buzzing around in our heads. Well done guys, especially our 'new-comers', for who this was something a bit different.

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